Registration is currently open, and will remain so until Sunday, September 11th, 2016

**Please note: If you're interested in the weekly sessions but would prefer a one-on-one class (instead of the "group" sessions), that is also available.  Get in touch with me via email (or facebook) for more details.

Welcome to the Korean Digital Academy Insiders Area!

Often the biggest problems most people face learning Korean are...

  • Either they've got no one or where to really practice and USE the Korean their learning (and when it comes to learning any language, to see your quickest results possible, you've GOTTA be using it),

...and/or (usually 'AND')...

  • The sources they do learn from really AREN'T very good at actually explaining "how" and "why" the language works and builds the way it does.


  • They've found a decent class, but it's either out of the way or doesn't match up with their schedule.

And so that's what this academy is all about:

  • To help you go from beginner (or whatever level you're currently at) to conversational by giving very clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the the basics
  • To increase fluency, retention, and overall speaking confidence as well as decrease the amount of time it takes to get conversational by providing an opportunity to practice and USE what you're learning in a small, intimate, and supportive atmosphere with a native Korean-speaker.And...
  • It's scheduled 100% around YOUR schedule! (more to come on exactly how and why that's possible)

Video Lectures